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Lumen Cordis Master of Arts pathway

The Lumen Cordis pathway, which has been serving students for three decades, offers the flexibility to pursue a program of study tailored specifically to each student’s needs for enrichment of his or her personal life and/or ministry. Through full-time study, the degree can be completed in two years, or spread out at a slower pace to accommodate students with busy schedules. Most Lumen Cordis classes take place during the day alongside seminarians, and are offered in fall, spring and May session semesters.
MA in classStudents in the SHSST Lumen Cordis pathway select one of three areas of concentration, each with many opportunities for electives befitting the student’s particular goals and interests.
• Scripture: Focused on a critical and careful study of Sacred Scripture.
• Spirituality: Focused on an in-depth understanding of Christian spirituality.
• Systematic Theology: Focused on a comprehensive examination of the Christian faith.
Regardless of the area of concentration, students have two routes to graduation: Plan A, which requires 33 graduate credit hours of course work, and Plan B, which requires 27 graduate credit hours of course work plus a six-credit thesis.

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Lumen Cordis Requirements
All students complete three of the following (each is 3 credits):

• Scriptural Foundations
• Fundamental Theology
• Foundations of Christian Spirituality
• Fundamental Moral Theology

Plan A students also complete:
• 15 credits in the chosen area of concentration
• 9 elective credits
• Comprehensive exams (oral and written)

Plan B students also complete:
• 15 credits in the chosen area of concentration
• 3 elective credits
• M.A. thesis (6 credits)
• Language requirement

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