Sacred Heart School of Theology

ESL Accent Modification Program

Often, accent modification is an essential tool for clergy and others who do not speak English as their first language. From preaching to counseling, the ability to be understood is an essential part of helping the American faithful to deepen their relationships with God.

ESL classroomProven success

Sacred Heart offers a proven Accent Modification Program to non-U.S. priests, religous, seminarians and lay church workers who have a strong foundation of English language skills.

Taught by an instructor certified in the Compton P-ESL method, this highly individualized training focuses on the student’s most frequently mispronounced phonemes. Participants become effective communicators in ministerial, social and educational settings.

We guarantee a quantifiable improvement of 50 percent, and the average improvement for students completing Sacred Heart’s program is 82 percent.

Summer and semester options

The program is offered either during the academic year, or as condensed summer course.

The summer offering is a multi-faceted seven-week program that typically includes three two-credit courses: Accent Modification, USA Cultural Competence, and Communication in a USA Ministerial Context. Thus, the full program is six credits. The summer session typically begins in in late June and ends in mid-August.

  • Classes four days a week, plus enculturation field trip Wednesdays.
  • Room and board: $2,550*
  • Tuition: $1,160 per course ($3,480 for three-course curriculum.)*
  • Books/lifetime online subscription fee: $225*
The semester program is a 15-week program concurrent with regular academic semesters, typically taken at the same time as other ESL classes or regular seminary course work. Fall classes typically run late August through early December, and spring classes run mid-January through early May.
  • Room and board: $5,750 per semester*
  • Tuition for stand-alone Accent Modification class: $1,160 (Accent Modification tuition is included in tuition for full-time students)*
  • Books/Lifetime online subscription fee: $225*

* Rates for 2017-2018 academic year

Catholic seminary environment

Our Accent Modification Program is part of Sacred Heart’s internationally known English-as-a-Second-Language Program. It is conducted in a seminary environment, with daily Mass and prayer in a supportive, faith-filled community. In addition, students have the opportunity to improve conversational skills, experience the American culture and build vocabulary through a range of organized activities in the greater Milwaukee community.

Multi-faceted curriculum

  • Assessment isolates student’s 19 most-frequent phoneme (sound) errors
  • Computer-generated, individualized curriculum systematically addresses errors
  • Weekly instructor-led classes focus on sound discrimination, intonation, fluency, and practicing new sound patterns
    Accent Mod
  • Daily online exercises through the Compton computer app gives instantaneous voice-graphing feedback
Long-term benefits
  • Accent distractions eliminated; new habits formed
  • Increased ministerial effectiveness
  • Improved communication in social and educational contexts
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Lifetime subscription to Compton’s website for continuous improvement

Ms. KornackiFor further information contact:

Ms. Kelly Kornacki