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Testimony – Students/Alumni

Students, alums and others praise Sacred Heart for the quality of its program, community and graduates. Here are some of their comments.

Seminarian Mario Prada-Mantilla
Diocese of Crookston, Minnesota

For Mario, a professor and college administrator, quality of education and spiritual formation were the primary reasons he came to Sacred Heart.

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Seminarian Mario Prada-Mantilla

Seminarian David Link
Diocese of Gary, Indiana

After serving as an academic dean and chaired professor, David is once again a student. Read what David's first impressions of Sacred Heart are.

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Seminarian David Link

Seminarian Albert DeGiacomo
Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky

Read what Al writes about the academic program and his first year at Sacred Heart.

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Seminarian Albert DeGiacomo
Rev. John Brosmer, Diocese of Evansville, Indiana
Alumnus, Class of May 2005

I know I received the best formation at Sacred Heart School of Theology. But I received more than that. SHST was the right place for me to be because it's a community that supports each other. During the six years I was there I experienced several deep losses, members of my immediate family died. The SHST community really supported and encouraged me and gave me the confidence I needed to continue my pursuit of priesthood.
Rev. John Brosmer
Rev. James Heiser, Diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming
Alumnus, Class of May 2005

Accomplishing my goal of ordination to the priesthood would not have been possible were it not for each and every individual at Sacred Heart School of Theology. Teachers, students, staff have been a wonderful part of my life for the past four short years. And now, as my presence in their lives decreases, I pray that the life and love that is Jesus Christ increases for all of them. For me -- I will meet my goal on June 24 when I will be ordained a priest for the Diocese of Cheyenne. Blessings.
Rev. James Heiser
Rev. James Pemberton, Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas
Alumnus, Class of May 2005

Alma Mater is a Latin phrase that is, for the most part, used with very little reflection on the true meaning of the words. Not so for me. When I think of Sacred Heart School of Theology as my Dear Mother, the words describe my feelings exactly. Sacred Heart has indeed been a mother to me and has formed me with the love and care that any mother would show her child. Sacred Heart not only has reinforced my orthodoxy, but also given me a fresh and broader view of Church. Spiritually, I have gained a more mature perspective, thanks to Sacred Heart's formation program. I will be eternally grateful to my bishop for sending me to Sacred Heart for my priestly formation. It was a blessing.
Rev. James Pemberton
Jan Braun
Mary Queen of Heaven Parish, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I recently heard SHST alumnus Fr. Don Malin, Colorado Springs. Colorado, give a homily for vocations at Mary Queen of Heaven, and what a good homily he gave. Your seminary turns out great priests!! Keep up the good work. Bless you for all you do. Just thought you might be intersted in the good news about one of your graduates.
Rev. Andrew J. Corona, Diocese of Gary, Indiana
Alumnus, Class of May 1993

In a recent visit to Sacred Heart School of Theology, I once again had time to visit with familiar faces and to meet the new people who now walk the halls of SHST. I am always energized and inspired by the new students as I listen to the stories and aspirations they share about their lives and their journeys towards priesthood. It recalls the same dream I once had, and have now fulfilled in serving God and God's people. I always tell people that the years I spent at SHST were the happiest of my life . This is not to say that I wasn't appropriately challenged during my formation. The school prepared me very well to meet the needs of the greater church. Sacred Heart School of Theology is a caring community that wants you to succeed. Their emphasis on pastoral care is outstanding and has prepared me very well in all aspects of my ministry.
Rev. Andrew J. Corona
Rev. Richard Broussard, Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana
Alumnus, Class of December 2000

I love my ministry. The most satisfyng aspect of it is being there for people when they are in need. Being a priest allows me to help them. Sacred Heart prepared me well for this part of priesthood.
Rev. Thomas Dieter, Diocese of Joliet, Illinois
Alumnus, Class of 1981

When I began my ministry in the Diocese of Joliet, I felt so well prepared to deal with the many responsibilities of being a parish priest. But some-times, when things weren't going well, it was my memories of Sacred Heart that kept me going. I've returned to Sacred Heart for alumni week for 22 years. The seminary rejuvenates my spirit.

Matthew Castiglione
Diocese of Albany -- parishioner

I am a member of the Diocese of Albany and personally know several men who are alumni of Sacred Heart. These men, and all those in the diocese that have graduated from SHST I believe, as do many, are well-prepared priests, and not just as presiders and homilists (I have never heard a bad homily from a Sacred Heart graduate) but everything that comprises the role of an ordained priest.

Thank you for preparing these men for service, and I am praying for all your seminarians at Sacred Heart school ofTheology. Please continue to fill the United States and Canada with these men to lead our faith communities.

Rev. Robert Guerra, Diocese of Victoria, Texas
Alumnus, May 2000

When I graduated from Sacred Heart, I was very well prepared for the responsibilities of priesthood. I am confident when I preside at various liturgies and comfortable preaching because of the training I received. The faculty knew how to help me understand the theology and Scripture I was studying. And the spiritual formation program and my spiritual directors helped me understand what it means to be a priest. I love what I’m doing!
Rev. Robert Guerra
Rev. Joseph Manerowski Rev. Joseph Manerowski, Diocese of Albany, New York
Alumnus, May 1995

I appreciate many things about my experience at Sacred Heart School of Theology -- the beautiful chapels, so conducive to prayer and community worship, and the campus, wooded and quiet, yet close to Milwaukee and Chicago. I’ve been in ministry for a while and am a pastor now. I realize how valuable the pastoral education program was. It gave me practical experiences to learn from. And I keep going back to my class notes. I can still hear the voices of some of my gifted professors. I know I was fully prepared for all aspects of priesthood, liturgy, preaching, counseling and administration, and I’m grateful.

John Monday, Alumnus May 1999
Master of Arts in Theology

I studied for eight years to get my undergraduate degree and at the end of that time, I never wanted to read another book again. After I completed my studies in the Milwaukee archdiocesan deacon program, I was spent and tired of reading. Later, when I studied for the faculties to preach – same thing. After I had completed my preparation for the faculties of witnessing marriages – the same thing happened.

Something different happened to me at Sacred Heart. I learned so many valuable things that I use in my daily ministry. And I still use the SHST library for homily preparation. Beyond that though, studying there developed in me a hunger that I find I must keep feeding. A little over a year after I graduated, I developed my own reading program which has me studying almost every day. SHST has opened doors for me, and I am grateful.