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New Cor Unum MA program aims to heal fractured world

SHSST has launched an ambitious new master of arts degree program, Cor Unum, to equip the laity with the theological knowledge and discernment abilities to make a meaningful difference in the world.

“The seminary created this program because we as a Church and society today need, more than ever, the restoring presence of Christ in our world. That means that all Catholics are called to be ever more dedicated in our discipleship, and, in particular, to do our best to help heal our fractured world,” said Patrick Russell, SHSST’s chief academic officer and vice president for intellectual formation.

But dedication alone is not enough,” he added. “Cor Unum is meant to cooperate with God’s grace, acting through a small, hand-selected cohort of men and women who are committed to building the Kingdom of God.”

Sacred Heart is inviting “bold, courageous people of faith” from the Milwaukee area, willing to commit their effort and energy to receiving the gifts instilled by the Cor Unum program,” said John Olesnavage, SHSST’s vice president for pastoral formation and one of the creators of the program.

He notes, “The Cor Unum program is designed around the question: Where is God’s love most desperately needed in today’s fractured world, and how is God calling me to be an instrument of God’s heart and hands?”

To answer this question, the Cor Unum initiative “dynamically engages the wisdom in the Christian faith and Church teaching so that the active work of God can be discerned within modern culture, and the Word of God can continually transform it,” Olesnavage says, noting that the program is an expression of the New Evangelization.

This program is designed to fit into the lives of busy people with work, family, and other demanding responsibilities. Journeying through the program as part of a cohort of 10 to 12 students, participants progress through a structured sequence of academic courses, mentored internships, and immersion experiences. These components are organized to foster the integration of Catholic theological concepts with real world and pastoral contexts. Employing dynamic adult learning methodologies, Cor Unum is a 33-credit M.A. program that is completed in 22 months.

Scholarship are available. More information.

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